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Xbox 360 Blog Award!...


We have recently been awarded by poker websites guide –…. Here’s what they had to say about our site:
“We love creative web projects that are skillfully executed. You offer great editorial content about gaming, and we love gaming. To top it off, the design is just awesome and great to look at. Keep up the good work!”
If you’re new to the site,

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The Grandfather of Gaming...

The Grandfather of Gaming

In just a couple of decades, video games have changed beyond all recognition. From waiting for hours for our cassette to load up a simple, buggy and ridiculously ugly game on our state of the art Amiga, Commodore 64 or Amstrad in the 1980′s, we now have games consoles with complex and beautiful games, processors more powerful than our PCs and better graphics than our TVs.
Over the years, Ni…

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Five 3DS Launch Window Games to Look...

Five 3DS Launch Window Games to Look out for

Nintendo’s 3DS handheld will be released on March 25th and eager gamers look set to buy the console in droves – but which games should they be looking to buy to make the most of their shiny new handheld? Here are five of the most promising games set to be released during the 3DS launch window:
Nintendogs + Cats
An update of the hugely successful DS hit Nintendogs, this new version retains simila…

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Wii are hurting: Repetitive strain i...


With the popularity of motion sensitive gaming on the increase, health experts are warning that types the types of injuries usually associated with professional sports are on the increase. These include tennis elbow and carpel tunnel syndrome.

When playing tennis outside, much time will be spent simply chasing loose balls. Tennis on Wii: Sports for example sees the same movement repeated…

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So you want to Design Games?...

So you want to Design Games?

I often wonder if I should have applied for a game design degree….  I completed a degree in Software Engineering nearly 10 years ago with the idea being that maybe I could get a job in the video game industry one day, it never quite worked out like that for me, I ended up in web development. Now more than ever their appear to be a range of game design courses around, specialising in training to work spe

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Hydro Thunder Hurricane Review...

Hydro Thunder Hurricane Review

About 6 months ago I gave in to some nostalgic urges and bought a Nintendo 64, complete with my two favourite games, Goldeneye and Star Wars Episode I: Racer. After about 10 minutes of playing Star Wars I realised I’d remembered it through rose tinted glasses and that N64 hasn’t been touched since. If I’d known Hydro Thunder Hurricane was on its way, I wouldn’t have bot…

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Crackdown 2 Review...

Crackdown 2 Review

This article comes courtesy of Felix Kemp, Staff Writer at…, a leading UK gaming blog.
Crackdown 2 is an odd game. While at its molten core, it’s an explosive superhero romp, replete with fifty foot leaps of faith and SUV-slingshots, on the surface it’s the epitome of lazy and uninspired sequels, recycling the same move-set, the same cars and weapons, even the same city. But be

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Extent of BP Oil Leak Rendered in Un...


Some clever bastard has used the Unreal engine (used to power games like Medal of Honor, Mass Effect and much more… to show what 25,000 barrels of oil would look like, this is based on the original estimate, apparently some experts are saying it could be twice that amount, scary..

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World Cup 2010 Night In...

World Cup 2010 Night In

Seeing as the World Cup is now fully in swing, I decided to take advantage of T-Mobile’s Night In Offer… and rent out FIFA South Africa 2010 (plus a Blu Ray to watch with my girlfriend) and some snacks all for a fiver.  I’m not usually a massive fan of football games, but recently we’ve been having some get togethers and FIFA 10 has overtaken Modern Warfare 2 as the game of cho

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Stream Video to Xbox 360 from Ubuntu...


I’m really pleased with ubuntu, I definitely don’t think that I would go back to Windows, at least not for the time being. Between the amazing selection of free software and the Wine I can run everything that I need and a lot more.
The one thing that Windows did do well (most of the time) was to stream video and audio to the xbox 360. There’s a few solutions out there, but I thought I…

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